About Linde LienHwa

Linde LienHwa is an established joint-venture by the Linde Group and Lien Hwa Industrial Corp, and is the largest industrial gas manufacturer in Taiwan.

Through our close partnership with the worldwide-based Linde Group, Linde Lienhwa has the capability to provide various high quality gas and gas-application technologies. Furthermore, in order to keep up with our rapid growth, Linde Lienhwa invested tremendously in the high-efficiency gas production equipment.

Linde LienHwa's continued growth in recent years is due to Taiwan's economic prosperity and also to Linde Group's dedicated support and collaboration. In addition to capital investment, Linde Lienhwa also shares Linde Group's most advanced technology and gas-application development.

At the same time, Linde Lienhwa has the opportunity to acquire Linde Group's expertise in marketing and management; an invaluable asset for modern industrial gas corporations. With Linde Group's international experiences, Linde Lienhwa is now equipped with world-class professional expertise and technology to serve our clients!