Business Philosophy

Excellence Operation & Administrative Efficiency

Efficient management center and customer service provide better service for our customers.

At Linde LienHwa Gas, we managing your inventory, ordering products, or controlling deliveries and invoices are all important administrative activities but do not create direct value for your customers.

Balancing the need to ensure maximum commercial information with the need to maintain efficient processes with low costs is always a major concern.

With our Services tailored to the requirements of increased efficiency in your business :

  • You can simplify your commercial processes related to gas and hardgoods
  • You have a high level of transparency at your fingertips to control those costs which are related to gas

Stay Safe, Healthy and Competitive with our Services

At Linde LienHwa Gas, safety is a top priority. With our Service offers, we strive to minimize any risk for you as our customer, to secure the highest quality of your products and maximize the safety of all processes where our gas is used.

It can be difficult for you to stay abreast of all new requirements resulting from the constantly evolving regulations for the responsible handling of gas.

At Linde LienHwa Gas, safety is 100% of our behavior. We don’t want to harm people and we are concerned about our own health, safety and security as well as that of others.

Handling of gas is our core competence – we understand the local laws and regulations and we have developed our Service programme to support you in minimizing risk for you and your employees.