Coating & Surface Treatment

With the use of flame, electric arc, plasma or laser, and right coating material, you can get the exact surface you need. Radiation curing surface treatment is a well-established industrial process to cure the likes of inks, lacquer, paint, adhesives, and cross-linking of polymers.


Thermal spray coating offers a cost effective and practical way for you to improve wear resistance, corrosion and heat properties of a component. You can also increase or decrease friction or change the electrical properties of the surface. Damaged surfaces can be repaired and faulty manufactured parts can even be recovered to the right dimensions. In most cases, the surface can then be further treated without problem.

Ultraviolet & Electron Beam Curing

The application of ultraviolet (UV) curing has increased in the last few years, the benefits of this technology are:

  • A technology that is environmentally friendly, due to reduced use of solvents
  • Low energy consumption and therefore economically beneficial
  • Compact plant size

Radiation curing under oxygen reduced conditions, improves the products properties and reduces the costs. Some of the main advantages of these conditions are:

  • Reduction of expensive photoinitiators (UV)
  • Higher curing speed
  • Lower energy costs
  • Better scratch resistance
  • Higher gloss
  • Less ozone formation (EB)

In most cases, nitrogen and sometimes carbon dioxide, are used to eliminate the oxygen in the curing chamber.

Linde LienHwa provides a range of solutions to fit your needs. These include; consulting and testing, optimum supply of nitrogen based on the individual specifications dedicated around economic and technical aspects, purity requirement, suitable equipment (metering panels) to supply and control the needed amount of nitrogen to the UV or EB unit as needed, including the measuring of the oxygen concentration.