Linde LienHwa knows profoundly that, only a robust infrastructure can provide the integrated and instant services for the electronics industry.

”放眼全球,立足腳下”(Local partner, global expertise)

As an industry leader in the gases for electronics industry, Linde LienHwa knows profoundly that, in such an era that technologies develop rapidly, only a robust infrastructure can provide the integrated and instant services for the electronics industry. In recent years, we keep improving the quality and reliability on our products. We also commit to providing full supply chain solutions to multiple resources and diverse mass local production bases via Linde JV arrangement, which we can furthermore executive our company core values of quality, cost, delivery, safety and environmental sustainability management.


We are equipped with a holistic, interlinked and comprehensive quality system. Our system covers the entire supply chain from raw material supply to the delivery of our final products at the point of use in our customers’ fabs.

  • Rigorous measurement on gas purity, consistency, and reliability
  • Business continuity planning
  • Process and statistical quality control


In-house production management allows us to reduce effectively the intermediate trade costs. Furthermore our expertise in process engineering, on-sites and localization solutions enable us to become a supplier of cost advantages.

  • Ongoing local infrastructures investment for electronics grade specialty gases
  • Cost advantages in bulk gas and pipeline
  • Partnership with raw material suppliers to improve the abilities on procurement and global supply chain management


Majority of our products are produced in Taiwan which allow us to provide instant delivery services in local region. Moreover, we have access to multiple resources to commit to stable and efficient supply chain.

  • Our SPECTRA EM brand enables effective costs and risks control.
  • We have continuous investments in bulk gas and pipeline infrastructure in Taiwan Science Parks.
  • Provide cost-effective bulk gas supply including large-scale on-site SPECTRA-N high-purity nitrogen generators.


We do not cause any harm to people or the environment. We continuously strive to improve the quality and safety of our products and services. We are responsible for our own safety and that of others around us.

  • Safety-first culture
  • Safety embedded into our processes
  • All incidents and injuries are preventable
  • Organized HIRT team for emergency cases

Environmental Sustainability

Electronics manufacturing plants are not always located in the optimum position for materials supplies, making it vital to think about how materials can be recovered, purified and re-used on-site, saving shipping costs, reducing logistics risks, and decreasing carbon footprint.

  • Energy-efficient SPECTRA nitrogen plants
  • Materials recycling and recovery
  • Fluorine technology to reduce emissions
  • On-site solutions to reduce carbon footprint
  • Taichung ERDC works closely with customers to develop environment friendly electronic materials