Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Protecting sensitive fruit and vegetables at all steps in the processing and distribution chain

The fruit and vegetable market is large and diverse, ranging from freshly picked produce through ready-to-serve salads to dried fruit.

All of these foodstuffs have one thing in common – they are sensitive and require hygienic, gentle handling during harvesting, storage, preparation, packaging and distribution. Temperature control is a key success factor.

Across this entire value chain, we have the expertise and technologies to help you control temperature, improve processing conditions, scale production capacity, increase product yield and ultimately increase food shelf life naturally.

Discover How Our Experts Can Help with Your Specific Application Needs :

  • Blanketing, purging & sparging
  • Cryogenic chilling / freezing with gas and dry ice
  • Greenhouse horticulture and fumigation
  • In-transit chilling to maintain product quality along the entire distribution chain
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to extend shelf-life
  • Water treatment and pH control