Carbon Dioxide

Delivering carbon dioxide in various gaseous, liquid and solid supply modes to meet a fast-growing spectrum of innovative applications.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a liquefied, colorless gas that can asphyxiate in high concentrations. There are many different sources of CO2. It can be obtained from natural CO2 springs, limestone kilns, fermentation processes and gas streams from chemical and petrochemical plants. It can also be captured from the gas streams emitted by power plants.

Carbon dioxide has many well-known applications in the food and beverages industry – from carbonating drinks and conserving wine to modifying atmospheres for packaged foods. Dry ice – or solid CO2 – is commonly used for storage and transportation of temperature sensitive products such as frozen/chilled foods or medical/ pharmaceutical materials. Dry ice is used as a process coolant in food, chemicals, research and pharmaceutical industries and is also an extremely effective and environmentally sound cleaning agent. In agriculture, CO2 can be used to enhance growth in greenhouses and as a feedstock for algae that produce bio-oil (green crude).

The non-flammable properties of CO2 make it a popular pressurising gas for everything from aerosols through fumigants to air guns. It has many other uses – including as a component of medical reanimation mixtures, a neutralizing agent for pH control, an inerting agent for mild steel welding, a replacement for blasting powder in quarrying and mining operations in compressed form and a blasting agent in solid form. Liquid CO2 is growing in popularity as a cryogenic refrigerant in mechanical refrigeration systems due to its environmental benefits.

CO2 is also employed for the chemical vapour deposition of silicon dioxide, active laser mixtures, Coleman nitrogen analyzers, foam blowing, pulp washing, car emissions monitoring and environmental monitoring, fire extinguishing, surgery and sterilizing, blood analysis, sample preparation, chromatography and the production of paints and varnishes.

We deliver gaseous, liquid and solid carbon dioxide in a variety of cylinders, vessels and containers to fit your precise application needs.