Equipment Installation & Maintenance

As a leading supplier of electronic gases, we have extensive experiences in the design, installation and maintenance of ultra-pure gas system.

Regardless which Linde LienHwa gas system you operate, you can rely on our expertise to improve safety and performance. We can also help with your expansion and upgrade projects.

Our gas systems and equipment expertise includes :

  • Whole plant gases systems
  • Bulk special gas systems
  • Gas cabinets
  • Dopant blending systems

For maintenance support, we provide a broad range of value-added services, helping you to meet your goals. Every service feature is customized to your individual requirements. Our maintenance services can therefore include everything from basic preventive activities to full service agreements; including regular inspection and continuous enhancement of your plant.

Our experienced service engineers provide the following activities :

  • Service agreements to maintain and continuously optimize your plant
  • Planning of shutdowns and maintenance activities including procurement of essential parts
  • Supervision and support for shutdowns or other maintenance activities
  • Repair, overhaul and maintenance of equipment
  • In-House or on-site maintenance support
  • Risk assessments and safety audits
  • Root cause analysis of failures and implementation of proactive actions to prevent failures in the future
  • Updates and recommendation