Supply Reliability

Linde LienHwa allows our clients to focus solely on their core business without time and resources wasted on gas-supply issues derived from managing production operations.

Linde LienHwa holds the largest gas supply nationally and possesses underground pipelines across science parks and industrial parks in addition to an exclusive transport team. Furthermore, we have equipments of various specs giving customers the freedom and flexibility to expand in the future. Spare parts are central-managed for most efficient maintenance time, while professional customer service representatives can effectively respond to any needs.

Linde LienHwa is also technologically collaborating with renowned international gas supplier Linde in order to provide our customers with the most advanced and the most stable specialized gas supply.

Linde LienHwa has qualified and received various certifications from ISO:9001、ISO14000、OHSAS18000、FSC22000…Under these safety and environmentally compliant conditions, these guarantee only the most reliable products are provided to our customers. So far all the leading national electronics companies are our loyal customers due to our exceptional product supply chain, impressive transport team, and dedicated customer-oriented service representatives.