CRYOSPEED® Liquid Gas Delivery Service

CRYOSPEED® is the most reliable and flexible source of mini-bulk liquid gases supply solution.

The products

Whether you require gas in small or large volumes, CRYOSPEED can meet your needs by providing a hands-free delivery of liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen.

By delivering products as a liquid, larger gas users can move away from multiple cylinders to a single cryogenic vessel. CRYOSPEED is also suitable for customers who need to use the product in its liquid state for cooling purposes.

Liquefied industrial gases are produced in large quantities at air separation plants which liquefy and distil the air into its component parts at cryogenic temperatures. Liquid carbon dioxide is recovered and purified from a variety of alternative sources such as ammonia and hydrogen plants.

The CRYOSPEED advantage

Delivered by the largest mini-bulk fleet in Taiwan, CRYOSPEED can be found in more places, more often than any other supplier. This gives us unrivalled flexibility to accommodate to our customers' needs as well as delivering true supply security.

Our CRYOSPEED operators are dedicated to providing an unrivalled level of service and will deliver your product without assistance. Each customer can have their operator's personal contact number: a truly personal and local service.