Pipelines Component & Engineering

Linde LienHwa Engineering is a technological leader and partner for plant engineering and construction. Our success in Taiwan is built on our extensive engineering expertise in the planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants.

These extremely large requirements of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide or syngas can be supplied via a pipeline or pipeline networks. A production plant can be placed next to an individual customer or several production plants may be connected to a pipeline network which serves a number of customers located within the same industrial cluster or geography.

Linde LienHwa offers standard and customised solutions based on our long tradition in the production of Air Separation Plants and HyCO plants for all industries and in a wide variety of sizes and gas qualities.

As this mode of supply requires intensive individual consultancy, Linde positions specialists in the main regions of the world for direct customer support.

We focus on promising market segments such as plants for the production of hydrogen and synthesis gas, oxygen and olefins as well as plants for natural gas treatment.

Process plants are some of the largest and most sophisticated building structures ever built by mankind. Only a select few contractors are capable of designing and constructing them. Linde LienHwa ranks among the leading international plant contractors.